Hi, We're Human Possible

Emily Gendron
April 1, 2024

We're for us.

Any reasonable person alive right now wants an equitable, sustainable Human Future. We are for us. The future leaning, creative, alive, nature lovers who want to leave this world better than we found it. 

The problem is, we haven’t yet *fully* admitted we have very little idea of how to transition from our inherited past to our future or why *exactly* it’s proving so difficult.  

Why aren’t businesses true meritocracies? Why do women make less than men? Why can’t businesses be respites from racism? After all, racism has no place in business, right?

The business case for diversity, equity and sustainability has been made, numerous studies have showed positive correlation between these things and return.

Human Possible exists to ease the transition to an equitable, sustainable Human Future by bringing our full humanity to bear on this moment: our genius, creativity, curiosity, aliveness, knowing and innate human desire to create the possible.

We’re positioned at the intersection of where we are and where we want to go, demystifying bridges to the possible. Our feet are fully on the ground as experts in our respective fields. But, we’re unique in that we’re not wed to the flawed systems we’ve inherited and are fully lit up for the future we want to see into existence.

All of us are living through the chaos of a society in transition. At Human Possible, we develop leaders who are capable of navigating the complexity of this transition. Humans who feel the deep call to use their time, talent, energy and genius to create the world we want to see.

We hunt for patterns. If something unwanted is repeating itself, it’s an indication that we’re just recreating the past. So much of what we’re living through is something we know we want to change, but can’t quite manage to. 

The ability to navigate to a different future can be learned. 

We’ve zeroed in on the one thing that, if changed, will begin to truly make progress on creating systems that don’t further the isms (racism, sexism, etc…the ickiness inherited from our past) and align to a sustainable future. From our perspective, that’s leaders. Humans in positions of expertise, power and influence who can say yes to evolving our inherited systems.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of a lifetime!