Leadership development
for a world in transition

If you can see the future, you can invest in it.

Understand our emerging multi-value future to maximize human potential and capture latent value.




Curious how much alpha our inherited one value system misses?

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The powerful force liberated and immense value created as we evolve into the emerging multi-value system that embraces two immutable realities:



Human is human.
People excel when their potential is liberated.



Our planet necessitates our care.
People want to be a part of the solution.




Traditional leadership development and talent management has...fuzzy ROI.

The human aspects of strategy execution are challenging for employees and expensive for companies. In addition, intractable issues like racism and sexism in the workplace will become increasingly more intolerable and expensive.

These costs compound, stifle human potential, waste capital, increase burn, reduce alpha and ultimately put pressure on execution.

There are three challenges resistant to current solutions:


Persistent people problems

Engagement, retention, attraction, identity-based discrimination and interpersonal issues greatly impede strategy execution and drain value.


of employees are open to being poached. 10



Leaders are not trained to handle the complexity of our shifting business landscape and employee concerns are top priority.

After growth, CEOs are most concerned with talent management. 12



There are no solutions that address these issues at scale.


of CEO’s do not feel confident in their leadership bench. 11

We set out to answer three questions:


Why exactly are persistent people problems so intractable despite significant investment?


Why exactly is it so difficult for our workplaces to be 
true meritocracies?


How do we help businesses capture latent value while transitioning to a sustainable, equitable future?

This much is clear: current solutions are not effective.

The Humanity Gap

The chasm between how companies value humans and how they want to be valued will only increase in a one value system.

Current solutions miss the mark.

Wrong Approach:
Talent today is deeply resistant to our inherited leadership playbook.

Wrong Goal:
Traditional leadership development optimizes a dysfunctional system. It fails to solve the fundamental disconnect underpinning the problems in the modern workplace: the Humanity Gap.

Leadership first principles:

We’ve inherited a way of thinking about leadership, but is it correct? 
The data suggests not.



spent on leadership development in 2022.

Leader quality saw its largest drop9 in a decade

The problem has not been accurately scoped, so the solution isn’t a fit.


Humans function best at work then their unique talents and gifts are being freely given to a company making a positive impact on our shared future. Leaders must know how to create these conditions.

We stand for our most positive human future possible, but recognize the complexity it will take to navigate there. We make a complex process as clear as possible.

Our Difference

We evolve talent from a cost center to a competitive advantage while creating true meritocracies aligned to our Human Future.

Our leadership embraces three truths most ignore:


Paradigm Shift


True Meritocracies


Our Human Future


Correctly Scoping the Problem

Persistent people problems, shallow leadership benches, the complexity of DEI and ESG and increased competition for deals and dollars are being treated as separate issues.

But they are all part of a single, overarching paradigm shift. Leaders must understand the system we've inherited, where we're going and deftly navigate the inbetween.


We are at the beginning of this paradigm shift. It’s only going to increase.

Investors embrace this paradigm shift.


of investors plan to allocate more to sustainability.

The onset of the mindset shift?

They directly experienced volatile weather due to climate change.


Increase in $1B climate catastrophes from an average of 3.3 / year in the 80s to 28 in 2023.

Investor composition is shifting.

Who controls wealth and what motivates behavior is rapidly changing.

The $84T wealth transfer over next 20 years.

Demographic interest in sustainable investing:

Individual Investors : 84%
Gen X : 91% 5
Millennial : 96% 5
Black : 91%
LGBTQ+ : 89%
Women : 87% 5

Women are inheriting 70%

52% of women PREFER sustainable investments 4

90% of women plan to allocate at least a portion of their wealth to values-aligned investing


The future is here and the future is human.

Embracing this paradigm shift will create differentiated alpha and reduce risk.

Patient, diversely allocated and values-aligned capital will enjoy preferential treatment in this transition.


Liberate potential, don't stifle it.

Capturing the latent value in talent requires companies to make significant and consistent progress on equity and sustainability.

True meritocracies are necessary to liberate latent value in talent. To do so requires a path to ending things like destructive business practices and racism and sexism in the workplace.


Nearly 60% of employees7 are doing the bare minimum and employee confidence8 is the lowest it’s been since 2016.

It will increasingly be more and more expensive to operate this way.


Existential, global challenges will increasingly motivate people’s actions.

Humans want to use their time, talents, energy, money and genius to create the world they want to see.


Our inherited business and leadership playbooks aren't working.

We need a new way to think about leadership that addresses the novel challenges facing leaders today and inevitable truths of our Human Future.

Internal and external pressure on inherited business norms will continue 
to drain value.


The role and responsibility of business in society is being renegotiated


of consumers said sustainability is one of their top four key purchase 
criteria when shopping1


say that companies should address environmental and social issues2


of employees believe their company should engage in societal issues


Homogenous allocators and leaders unconcerned with humanity and planetary health will increasingly be seen as ill-equipped.Society has already shifted.

It’s only a matter of time before allocators will be bound by regulations related to environmental and social good.

Human Possible

We are a world in transition.

Our Human Future is sustainable, equitable and its systems liberate 
human potential.

At Human Possible, we designed leadership development that helps leaders and businesses cross the Humanity Gap, evolve beyond inherited leadership from our past and embrace our Human Future.




Generate value in transition

demonstrate the possible

We advise LPs, Family Offices, PE and VC GPs, and portfolio CXOs on the resilience, readiness and future fitness of their organizations, investors and leaders.

We elegantly evolve systems, leaders, leadership teams, and portco company culture to capture the latent value in the human upside while making the inevitable transition to our Human Future.


Crossing the Humanity Gap

Inherited leadership focuses on skill gaps. We focus on equipping leaders to navigate the Humanity Gap.

Leadership development that starts with the question: what conditions do people need to consistently outperform the best version of themselves?


Human Future Gap Map

Human Future Assessment: Reveal the latent potential in your leadership and organization. Create a precise map to liberate it.


Elegant Evolution

Leaders learn how to liberate potential in themselves and come to understand what is unique and universal in this process.


Art and Skill  

Fully embrace the compelling forces humans naturally respond to. Liberate potential and leverage momentum to create value with greater ease.


Culture Architects

Orchestrate positive tipping points to accelerate the elegant evolution of the business operating system. Naturally bring out the best in people.


ROI designed to 
compound over time

The sooner you start, the harder you are to catch.
Create asymmetries by embracing our emerging

Avoid expensive, time intensive pitfalls

Traditional leadership development misses the mark, further entrenches people problems and creates viscous EBITDA spirals

Systems Evolution

Leadership style designed to optimize deep human engagement in strategy execution uniquely for the
paradigm shift we're in

Earn deal and dollars

Demonstrate to values-aligned founders, allocators, employees and consumers your track record toward our Human Future

Human Upside

Capture latent value in leadership and talent, operationalize a multi-value system, make progress
on persistent people problems and innovate

Leave knowledge in the institution

Demonstrate to values-aligned founders, allocators, employees and consumers your track record toward our Human Future

Services provided

Human Future Leadership Assessment

Transform talent from a cost center to a value generator

niche specific programs for our human future

Elegantly evolve into a leader that can navigate this moment with precision

Flagship Human Future Leadership Program:
Systems Evolution

ROI designed to 
compound over time

Traditional Leadership Development

Performative Engagement
Cost Center
Individual-only focus
Performance-based process

FUTURE Leadership

Deep Engagement
Value Generator
Individual, team and systems
Potential liberating process

anything IS POSSIBLE

Insights from the edge of evolution. How did we get here, where are we going, how can we most elegantly evolve into what’s next?

Coming in 2024, Human Possible Podcast is a zeitgeist-bending exploration of this moment in human history and the beautiful humans 
who are committed to seeing a better future for all into existence.

Learn more